20 years of dreamy synth rock celebrated: Tahiti 80 with the album “Fear of an Acoustic Planet”

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They are individually known as Xavier Boyer, Médéric Gontier, Pedro Resende. Tahiti 80 is a French indie pop band originally from Rouen, Normandy. Tahiti 80’s adventure began in the French cities of Rouen and Paris in the mid ‘90s.

Singer/guitarist Boyer and bassist Resende formed the pop combo as students at the University of Rouen. Taking their name from a souvenir T-shirt given to Boyer’s father in 1980, the duo recruited guitarist Médéric Gontier, and with the addition of drummer Sylvain Marchand a year later, the lineup was complete. 20 years, 6 albums and 13 EP’s later the band is still together, still making music. They celebrated their 20th anniversairy with the album “Fear of an Acoustic Planet” with unplugged versions of their favourite songs.

More music here


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