The sound of a band unconcerned with trends and algorithms: Plastic Mermaids

posted on May 31, 2019

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When it comes to genre, their music is as skittish and indefinable as it comes. But the music scene agrees on one thing: The Isle of Wight band Plastic Mermaids are as undefinable as they are briljant.

Bandcamp review on their debut full-length, Suddenly Everyone Explodes: “The Isle of Wight band overwhelm with shapeshifting, sensory-overloading pop songs that siphon their restless irreverence from the masters of modern psychedelic rock.” (full article here)

The album is created a huge barn in the “middle of nowhere” on the Isle of Wight. Jamie Richards, one of the band members, built most of the band’s equipment himself – at least, the stuff he didn’t unearth in the dusty corner of a charity shop. “It started out as necessity,” he says, “realising if you made something yourself, you could get something that would cost a thousand pounds for maybe a hundred quid and a couple of days of time and effort. Then it got a bit out of control.” He created a mixing desk, an analogue synth, microphones, three amps, and several guitars. He’s currently making a customised effects pedal for The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, who came to watch the band at Blue Dot Festival in Cheshire. (full interview here)

More Plastic Mermaids here

Tags: Alternative, debut album, Electronic, experimental, Folk


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