Filet Au Fonque

Jazz, funk, fusion

Filet au Fonque is an instrumental funk band from Breda. The recipe for the band starts with an incredibly funky drummer and an always grooving bass player; a funky rhythm section that puts every song on her dancing legs. The guitarist tends to add bizarre jazz and fusion lines, and the keyboardist fills the rest with crisp synths and steamy organs. Finally as a garnish, a tight-fitting wind section with popping themes and jazzy solos. And the secret ingredient? Energy. A lot of energy.

Band members

Bart van der List – Trumpet
Paul van de Calseijde – Alto saxophone
Joshua Bredow – Guitar
Teun Dillisse – Keys,  Bryan Manuel – Bass
Eliando Hatumena – Drums


1. Calimembre
2. Trashcan
3. Pangasius


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