Jazzy Filet au Fonque

There is room for improvisation. When the sextet does not like the way a song sounds anymore, or think it could be better, they will rebuild the song.

The electrifying Chris Adam

It’s very likely you find yourself humming to a Chris Adam melody, after listening to this soulful band.

The Stangs & The Dune Beat

Watching and recording live performance of The Stangs made us feel as if being warped back to a show on the Dutch west-coast in the 60’s. Which according to us, is absolutely awesome.

Busy bee ANNIKA

Near the end of september 2016, ANNIKA (Annika Boxhoorn) and her band came to visit the Frequenzy stage at the Gigant Apeldoorn. Annika is an energetic artist that has made major steps…

CYNBEL came, saw & rocked the stage

Their music deserves a massive stadium or an enthusiastic festival audience. Because that’s the natural habitat of the rock sound this band brings to the stage. CYNBEL is an example of the new generation great Dutch rock bands.


Mango Zabba invades planet earth

You might have heard Mango Zabba play during one of their gigs on a surf-camp party along the French coast during the summer of ‘16, somewhere in the Netherlands, or on their new EP.

Frequenzy visits Popronde Apeldoorn

Frequenzy was present at Popronde Apeldoorn, our hometown edition. We had a blast and so will you, once you go see Popronde in your hometown or a town near! If there’s no town near, travel far, as long as you don’t miss out.



This weekend: Danny Kalima with his band Silas Talacua Pim Zielman David Sirre Silvano Choy and with new music ! ... See MoreSee Less

Danny Kalima met Band

January 22, 2017, 2:30pm - January 22, 2017, 5:00pm

Danny Kalima bekend van The Voice komt naar Onder Ons met zijn band.Gratis entree

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The session with The Badger and the Bass is out now! Blending classic rockabilly with psychedelic and surf, the duo approaches rockabilly in a refreshing way.
Watch their full session HERE -> bit.ly/2jntmHN
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Save the date(s): Travelling music festival Popronde Nederland announced dates and places for the 2017 edition. At the 15th of September in Frequenzy's hometown Popronde Apeldoorn !!! ... See MoreSee Less

Popronde 2017

September 14, 2017, 12:00pm - September 28, 2017, 12:00pm

POPRONDE 2017 DATA BEKEND: donderdag 14 september tot en met zaterdag 25 november 2017! De steden zijn bekend, de data is definitief: Popronde 2017 zal dit jaar plaatsvinden van donderdag 14 september tot en met zaterdag 25 november. Van Groningen naar Maastricht en van Zutphen naar Den Haag, we reizen het hele land door dit najaar! Met 41 steden op de teller belooft dit de grootste Popronde tot nu toe te worden. We verwelkomen Meppel als nieuwe Popronde stad. Voor meer informatie over alle steden check je www.popronde.nl! Inschrijven voor Popronde 2017 is gratis, maar je moet wel snel zijn: op 1 maart 2017 sluit de inschrijving. Vanaf dan buigt de selectiecommissie zich over de talloze aanmeldingen, om te bepalen welke acts er dit jaar mee zullen doen. Zoals gebruikelijk zal deze selectie 1 mei 2017 bekend gemaakt worden. Inschrijven voor Popronde 2017 doe je via: www.popronde.nl/bands-inschrijven Steden: DO 14 SEPT NIJMEGEN VR 15 SEPT APELDOORN ZA 16 SEPT ZWOLLE ZO 17 SEPT ROERMOND DO 21 SEPT DELFT VR 22 SEPT LEEUWARDEN ZA 23 SEPT HEERLEN ZO 24 SEPT HENGELO DO 28 SEPT WAGENINGEN VR 29 SEPT EINDHOVEN ZA 30 SEPT ALMERE ZO 01 OKT GOUDA DO 05 OKT GRONINGEN VR 06 OKT DEN BOSCH ZA 07 OKT HAARLEM ZO 08 OKT DORDRECHT DO 12 OKT UTRECHT VR 13 OKT TILBURG ZA 14 OKT DEN HAAG ZO 15 OKT HARDERWIJK DO 19 OKT ASSEN VR 20 OKT VENLO ZA 21 OKT AMERSFOORT ZO 22 OKT ZUTPHEN DO 26 OKT LEIDEN VR 27 OKT ARNHEM ZA 28 OKT SITTARD ZO 29 OKT HOORN DO 02 NOV EMMEN VR 03 NOV MAASTRICHT ZA 04 NOV ROTTERDAM ZO 05 NOV VENRAY DO 09 NOV MIDDELBURG VR 10 NOV ALKMAAR ZA 11 NOV DEVENTER ZO 12 NOV HILVERSUM DO 16 NOV BREDA VR 17 NOV ENSCHEDE ZA 18 NOV OSS ZO 19 NOV MEPPEL ZA 25 NOV AMSTERDAM EINDFEEST

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