A band, an art project and game developing studio: Moon Moon Moon

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Moon Moon Moon is the art project of Mark Lohmann, which currently explores the tragicomic bits of everyday life with the relentlessly honest, topical and hyperrealistic Journal Entries. Moon Moon Moon turns into a five-piece live band on stage, using their captivating melodies to bring the compelling lyrics to life. Right now the band is one  of the most requested acts on Popronde 2018. So we were very pleased that they took time to visit our Frequenzy stage for the recording of a memorable session  last Sunday (stay tuned for the release date!).

More music here

Popronde tourdates:

  • Zwolle: 02 nov – In De Buurt
  • Rotterdam: 03 nov – Stalles
  • Venray: 04 nov – Goesting
  • Deventer: 10 nov – De Hip
  • Breda: 15 nov – Mad Molly’s
  • Enschede: 16 nov – Concordia Expo
  • Den Haag: 17 nov – Zwarte Ruiter
  • Meppel: 18 nov – Frans de Grebber


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