About how easy it is to find attention these days, and how hard it is to find real love. “So It Goes”, out now!

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“So It Goes” is about how easy it is to find attention, through apps like Tinder, but finding love is harder than ever. “Fall in love, get married and divorce the same day. Replacement is on the way…” I realized how quickly we can find someone else when we get bored… The ‘YES’ feeling usually lasts about a day or two… And we move on, still trying to find true love…”

The Vices (The band formally known as “Ten Years Today”) released their newest single “So It Goes” at February 15. The Vices was established at the end of 2018 and the band will play during Eurosonic Noorderslag! With a refreshing take on rock, surf and garage, they create their own sound. Think of The Growlers meets The Strokes. In March the band will go to the UK for a small tour. “So It Goes” available at Spotify and ITunes

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