Watch the new stop-motion animation from Five Mile Float

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As an artist during corona time you have to focus on the projects you can do inside. Five Mile Float took their time in quarantine to make a creative stop-motion video for their song “Francisco”. The 4 piece indie pop group, originally from Albuquerque NM, has recently moved to Philadelphia. The song “Edith” is about their move to the city of brotherly love.

“We wrote “Edith” last fall as we were in the midst of moving from our hometown of Albuquerque, NM to Philadelphia. The song captures the emotional highs and lows we experienced at the time — the joy and hopefulness of a new beginning, the sadness and dread of leaving loved ones behind, and the universal struggle of putting the pieces together to determine exactly “who we are” as individuals, especially as we enter this new period of our lives” they shared with us.”

Interview with Indiewavves. Full interview here.

Double single “Edith/Francisco” was released at May first, and yesterday the band came with a creative stop-motion video for the song “Francisco”.

More music from Five Mile Float at our stream playlist and here.

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