New music from The Ghost Wolves!

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“Let’s Go To Mars/ Last Man is the newest single from The Ghost Wolves. Formed in 2011 and hardly taking time to sit since then, The Ghost Wolves create, record and tour at a dizzying clip. Blending rock n’ roll, punk rock, garage and blues with electronic elements, the duo Carley “Carazy” Wolf & Jonathan “Little Hammer” Wolf has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the modern rock n’ roll underground. The couple is touring internationally for almost 8 years straight, with nearly 1000 shows between them in 23+ countries including most of western Europe, the USA, U.K. and Japan.

The band’s name comes from Carley’s experiences being raised around wolves, her family runs a wolf rescue in the Texas Hill Country and her father used to work at the Houston Zoo. Her own supernatural experience with a departed wolf inspired the band’s name and the couple often tours with their pet wolf in tow. (full article here)

Right now The Ghost Wolves are touring in Europe and they will be at SXSW next month.

Listen to the newest single “Let’s Go To Mars/ Last Man here

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