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Live coding is the live creation of an algorithmic audiovisual composition through coding. Algorithms are the instruments which create the music. During a live code event the performer can apply various algorithmic composing techniques in the form of list processing techniques to generate unique patterns in melody and chords or poly-rhythmic structures. If you’re curious to experience a night of live coded music, come to NLCL Algorave >Zaal 100 this Saturday.

On Saturday, code & sound alchemist Timo Hoogland, our former sound engineer at the Frequenzy sessions, will together with other performers live code experimental algorithmic electronic dance music. Timo Hoogland will use a language he created, called Mercury. On one hand, the language is minimal and human-readable. On the other, it is flexible, allowing Timo to explore polymetric patterns, spacious synths, arpeggiating basslines and granular sampling through algorithmic composition techniques.

About NLCL Algorave>Zaal 100 more info here

Find out about Timo Hoogland’s work here

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