A lush mirage of a dawning future: “Seguridad”

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GAIKA & N.A.A.F.I. is a match made in the heavens”; The enthusiastic comments of music fans on Bandcamp about the new electronic album “Seguridad” are crystal clear. Mexican club collective NAAFI and Londen multitalented artist GAIKA came together and came great & spectaculair.

The Jamaican-Grenadian Brixton native Gaika has made a career of mutable style, threading a border-defying web of Diasporic music traditions through his oeuvre–– despite the media’s tendency to “put you in relation to all of the other black people whose work [they] understand and enjoy in order to be comfortable with it.” Björk’s influence is just as audible as T-Pain’s in Gaika’s discography, and rather than shrink to an unfit mold, he prefers the term “ghetto-futurism” for his gothic cocktail of dancehall, grime, garage, trap, northern soul, and beyond. (full interview with Octavia Bürgel, 032c here)

The album, which is published through Mexico City club label N.A.A.F.I., was recorded and produced entirely on-location and features members of the N.A.A.F.I. family as collaborators throughout. “Seguridad” features productions from the following NAAFI family members: Lao, Zutzut, TAYHANA, Wasted Fates, OMAAR, Lechuga Zafiro & Debit.

Photo: Wunmi Onibudo

Listen to “Seguridad” here


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