autumn in june

The chill, alluring and layered sound of Autumn In June

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Sometimes the music of an artist tells us from which worlds he came. And sometimes an artist creates new worlds with his music. Autumn In June as a man is strongly connected with his hood at the rough side of LA. As an artist he creates surroundings of emotive synth pop that are inclusive for everyone, without labels or boxes. With his debut album “Magenta” (2017) the singer/composer made a name as an individual voice that continues to surprise.

Since “Magenta” Autumn In June has been bubbling up as one of LA’s most intriguing musical propositions. The melding pot of his sound, eclectic yet cohesively smooth – dusted with specks of new wave, electro pop, 90’s west coast hip hop of Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur, 80’s synth funk and classic FM radio pop – can be traced to his upbringing in South Central Los Angeles. Musically, he was immersed in rap and hip hop, but it was coming across artists such as Phil Collins, ELO, Prince and Giorgio Moroder which ultimately moved him to making music of his own and gave it its haunting, yearning twist. And while the tracks can be bright and fun like indie pop, turning attention to the lyrics reveals the darker impact that South Central has had on his life.

Last months the busy artist made music fans happy with the release of some warmly melodic homespun tracks. “Want You Bad” is his latest and also a preview from his upcoming EP. The single has been critically acclaimed by indie music media: “With this new offering embodying the chill, alluring sound he’s continued to master over the years, “Want You Bad” is the perfect anthem for a crisp fall day.” (full article here)

Upcoming EP “Cherry” will be released at October 23. Listen to Autumn in June here

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