Pyrolysis with an ode to imaginary summertimes

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Can music create a better truth? We live in a world were everyone seems entitled to design their own reality. So why not go for the better truth from music? After all: music creates the door to new imaginary worlds.  Therefor, during this dreary times, your humble music blogger kindly recommend a magical door with the words “The Blue Tit.” Behind that door you can find a world with a never ending summer that never was there. Here you enjoy a magical season we’ve missed so much this year. Pyrolysis has made a beautiful ode to imaginary summertimes with the new song “The Blue Tit.”


Pyrolysis is a lively and energetic folk group from The Netherlands. The powerful beauty of celtic music and nature are important inspirations for this group of musicians. Therefor Pyrolysis is a welcome guest at the stages of folk festivals. Even during the quarantine the band finds a way to create a stage for their music. Pyrolysis should have made an European tour this summer, instead they made a virtual tour online and in our imagination. Their new EP “Alotsle” will be released at October 10.

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